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My name is Pierre and I have been a Master Setter and Jewelry Craftsman for most of my life.

I started when I was 8 or 9 years old in Istanbul in the Grand Bazaar. At the time, my parents believed that it would be best for their children to learn a trade rather than  receive an education, so one day they could properly support their own families.

I spent most of my time after school, weekends and holidays watching and learning from a master craftsman who took me under his wing. Usually the process of watching, learning and finally being allowed to sit at a bench to work on actual piece of jewelry can take up to 2 years. In my case, it was a lot shorter. I was talented and eager to learn to be better and learn different things.

1980 was the year that changed my life. I was a teenager when my family moved to America, and I was thrown into the jewelry center here in the heart of New York City and worked for a few different companies. This actually taught me management skills that I didn't have and also allowed me to launch my business and operate my own shop with new skills I've learned.

In 1985 I started to work for myself from a rented bench space in a friend's shop.  2 years later I started my own company. I am still active in my business and spend most my time on the bench creating jewelry.

I am proud to say that I was able to teach  and pass some of my skills down to my apprentices, whom are now able to make a decent living, from the skills that they've learned from me,.

I specialize in almost all known styles in jewelry making, including diamond setting and designing. I am a big fan of technology and what it has allowed us to do the last 10 years.

In my early days, we shared a few hand tools in a dim workshop with few styles to make jewelry. Nowadays, we are inspired and create jewelry in properly lit offices, with state of the art computers, 3D printers, milling machines, laser welders and many more enhancements that allow our skills to shine on the masterpieces we create.